Data Governance for
GDPR & Beyond

Webinar: 7th June
15:00 BST | 10am ET | 7am PT

There are big challenges are on the horizon. The deadline for GDPR is getting closer and the pressure is growing to ensure compliance. And there are customer 360 digital strategies and customer-related regulations that must be managed.

Data lies at the heart of these initiatives so effective data governance is essential. In the third webinar of our series we continue to deep dive into GDPR issues and extend our vision beyond GDPR to explore how to embed effective governance into the culture and values of the firm. We will discuss how to extend a GDPR governance model to cater for other regulations such as PSD II, which directly impacts the sharing of customer data.

The scope of GDPR reaches far beyond the borders of the EU. Even if you are facing BREXIT or are located outside of the EU but work with any EU-zone company, you will need to make your business GDPR compliant.

Topics we'll cover on this webinar include:

  • GDPR breach management
  • Accountabilities and ownership of personal data under GDPR
  • Getting — and keeping — key stakeholders on board
  • How to embed data governance into the culture and values of the firm
  • Alignment with other customer and regulatory initiatives

Register now to join CEO of EDMWorks, Dennis Slattery, and Collibra experts, Tudor Borlea and Olivier Van Hoof to hear how to operationalize GDPR concepts to protect consumers’ personal data and remain compliant.